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Returning the Gain in Capital Gains

When it comes to typical strategies, capital gains can be a bit more difficult than other types of income. This is why Taggart Galt has invested in the experience and research necessary to create specialized strategies for capital gains. Whether it be for a commercial property, vintage cars, collectibles, etc… Taggart Galt turns beneficial solutions into solid tax structures.

Bespoke Strategies for Income Tax

Our clients don’t have average incomes and as such, deserve tax strategies that are anything but ordinary. Taggart Galt has designed proven income tax strategies that have been refined for over a decade to create innovative and consistent tax solutions. Starting annual income for this solution is $500,000.

Preserve your Passive Income

Most clients are pleasantly surprised to learn that Taggart Galt has creative tax structures for passive income. Tailored structures can be created for many types of passive income including rental income, interest income through bonds and other structures,financial instruments, etc… Get more out of your passive investments with Taggart Galt.

When your wealth deserves liberation

Many governments in the western world are fair and just when it comes to allowing the liberation of wealth to move between countries for various personal and business transactions. However, there are many places that don’t allow for this type of freedom and Taggart Galt specializes in assisting with the movement of currency out of these countries. Through a methodical processs, we assist both individuals and businesses in liberating the necessary currency for investment purposes out of restrictive countries. Please inquire about your specific need.

Small Business Dividend Income

Business owners in many countries realize their compensation through the issuance of dividends. Most business owners settle for common income splitting scenarios, however there are other more tailored structures that provide a more beneficial tax effect.
TaggartGalt has a speciality in providing uncommon strategies for dividend income and realization of retained earnings. Our tax structures create a dividend within the dividend. Contact us to learn more.

When Insurance is the Strategy

For some clients, a tailored tax structure is not the preferred choice, so the strategic use of insurance is used to create a similar benefit. Taggart Galt is a fully licensed insurance provider specializing in the use of
financial Insurance vehicles. In most cases this is used for the coverage of capital gains tax upon the transfer of an asset or the passing of a principal. However, there are other creative ways that we use insurance and please contact us to learn more. Insure the retention of principal with TaggatGalt.

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