About Us

taggartGALT was created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. The principals of taggartGalt have been first and foremost business owners that found their own need for tailored investment structures unsatisfied by traditional professional services. Through intense research and first-hand experience, taggartGALT has been providing unique strategies for over 17 years with clients coming from all over the world. The vision is to provide bespoke solutions to bespoke clients that are used to the expectation of perfection in the structure and management of their financial affairs.

taggartGALT is not an accounting firm nor a legal firm however we use some of the leading accounting and legal firms across the world to implement our strategies. We are proud to provide the necessary art needed for the science of a strategy and our clients tell us that it is a service they have been searching for since gaining wealth. Our mission is to meet that need with the utmost care and attention with a tailored mentality that treats each individual client as unique as they truly are.