Has the government OK’d this? Is there a ruling or an opinion?

As mentioned, these strategies are being implemented on a consistent basis in Canada. Every file that is executed by TaggartGalt is accompanied by a supreme court ruling and a qualified tax opinion from a leading recognized law firm. We are proud that our clients have not had any significant issues when it comes to compliance. Rest assured, that in the case of an audit on the structure – TaggartGalt will manage the flow of information on your behalf to Canada Revenue Agency.

Are you an accountant or lawyer?

TaggartGalt utilizes the work of leading tax professionals to design tax strategies that provide superior results to various scenarios. We are not an accounting or law firm and rather a financial services firm with a tax focus.

Will TaggartGalt work with my current accountant?

Though we have an approved list of leading accounting firms, we are more than happy to work with your accountant. In fact, if your accountant has questions on these structures and would like to discuss details with some of our approved firms, we would be more than happy to arrange for the discussion.

Do the principals of TaggartGalt utilize these strategies for their own taxes?

Yes, and have been for the past 12 years.

It seems as if this solution is too good to be true?

We have been asked this by leading tax professionals and while the results of the TaggartGalt solutions appear to be to good to be true, they are supported by both case law and opinions written by leading recognized tax lawyers.

Why aren’t these effective strategies more common?

Our experience tells us that the taxpayer and their advisers may not be aware of these effective strategies. Our planning process works well with existing advisers as we rely on them to implement the customized tax strategies we create.